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Zenith CruZer & Sonex Logs
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Date:  12-17-2020
Number of Hours:  2.00
Manual Reference:  n/a
Brief Description:  Prepping tail for closure

While it looks like I haven't touched the plane in the past several days, I've been active working on it, but just nothing worth posting. As an example, I've masked-off the upper instrument panel cover and painted the front part red that will be outside of the windshield. I've also painted some of the small exterior parts like rudder cable fairings, inspection covers, etc.

Today was spent getting the tail area to close-up with rivets. One step closer to transport to the hangar!

First up was a general cleanup/cleanout of the aft fuselage. The upper fuse skin is not riveted, so a lot of dust, chips, trash, etc., had found its way in there. Blew a lot out, then followed-up with a rag.

I then connected the static filter inline with the ELT antenna cable to the antenna itself and used cobra mounts to secure the cable to the side of the fuselage.

Next, I positioned the upper and side gussets to their correct locations on the fuselage. The heavy, .090 side gussets were pilot drilled in most locations; all holes had to be taken up to #20 drill side, and some had to be drilled thru the existing skin. These gussets are used on botht he Cruzer and STOL so extra holes had to be filled. Once the other holes are riveted, these gussets will be removed until the horizontal stabilizer is mounted. Mounted the forward and aft upper brackets to connect the horizontal stabilizer to the upper fuselage. Up-drilled some holes that were opposite #30 pilot holes; all aft-area rivets are A5 rivets for strength.

Placed the elevator cables in the aft fuselage and left them dangling in their respective locations.

Cleco'd the entire upper skin, braces, and gussets in place. Next up: riveting.
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