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Zenith CruZer & Sonex Logs
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Date:  7-26-2020
Number of Hours:  2.70
Manual Reference:  C75-CA-2
Brief Description:  Wire correction / bolt-up torque tube hardware

After I bolted-in my sliding seat adjusters, I kept thinking about the wire harnesses on each side of the fuselage bouncing around on the longer portion - which were about 12" in length. Technically they should be OK, but I wasn't happy.

Removed one of the adjusters from each side of the plane, and installed a self-adhesive cobra mount. Zip-tied the harness to the Cobra mounts and re-installed adjusters.

Installed (for the last time hopefully) the AN hardware for the torque tube & elevator control rods. Had to search for some hardware, which took some time. Installed the front AN3 bolt that keeps the torque tube from sliding rearward. Next, installed the spacer and AN3 bolt to attach the Y stick to the torque tube. Next up was installing the elevator control rod to the bottom of the Y stick. This uses a castellated nut. I slid in the cotter pin but did not bend it, as I will have to adjust the fore-aft position of the stick before finalizing.

Next up was installing the elevator bellcrank with AN7 hardware which used a castellated nut. Installed and bent the cotter pin to secure it. Searched and searched for an AN3-13 drilled bolt to secure the elevator control rod. Could not find, so I've ordered another.

Lastly I reinstalled the flaperon control rods to the aft end of the torque tubes. These are secured with AN5 hardware and small spacers that go between the washers and the rod end bearing to ensure free rotation.
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