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Zenith CruZer & Sonex Logs
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Date:  6-17-2020
Number of Hours:  2.00
Manual Reference:  C75-N-3
Brief Description:  Cabin side heater details & crankcase breather

more baby steps.

Installed cabin side of cabin heat system. Riveted the flow control valve to the firewall, then positioned the angled baffle and marked where it created the least amount of interference with the flow control valve. Pilot drilled the holes in the baffle first, then identified where the defroster vent should go on the top of the baffle. Marked center and drilled a 1" hole. Marked pilot holes on the 1" flange that gets riveted to the top of the baffle. Deburred everything after drilling. Up-drilled everything to final size (#30). Did not rivet baffle to firewall as the control cable has to be fastened to the flow valve control arm.

Next, drilled out two rivets for the steering rod slider covers to mount the crankcase breather vent. Marked the 50mm portion that is to hang below the fuselage and made up some homemade "washers" because the holes in the adel clamps were too big for an A4 rivet. Riveted in place.
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