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Zenith CruZer & Sonex Logs
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Date:  7-5-2020
Number of Hours:  0.80
Manual Reference:  C75-CA-3
Brief Description:  "Adjust" elevator control bellcrank

The 750 series of aircraft have issues with control stick "pressures" when deflected to the right. Some folks just live with it, some separate the elevator bellcrank from the torque tube, and then at least one other builder have pursued this modification.

It seems that if rigged as per plans, the uper cable is about 1.25" lateral of the torque tube centerline. When the upper cable attach point is in line with the tube centerline, control pressures are reduced by about 20 lbs force.

I made some measurement and bent the upper end in line with the torque tube centerline. I won't know for sure if this works until final assembly, but others have reported good results.

Additionally, I can leave-out a small bungee cord that is spec'd in the plans that is designed to minimize control cable abrasion with the rudder cables. Just the slight 1.25" offset allegedly removes the conflict.
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