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Zenith CruZer & Sonex Logs
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Date:  9-22-2020
Number of Hours:  2.20
Manual Reference:  n/a
Brief Description:  Console work / panel stiffener finessing

Need to paint the console top surfaces before mounting, and can't paint until I selecdted the headset jack locations. I was skeptical about placing the jacks higher on the panel, but seeing several at the recent fly-in last week allayed my concerns. Marked the jack locations after double-checking with the fuel selector and drilled the holes for them. Ensured the isolation washers fit correctly. Cleaned the console with thinner to prep for paint.

The plans call for riveting the top edge of the console top to the underside of the cabin frame, but Homebuilt Help said that they added a length of L angle to the top and riveted to the BACK side of the cabin frame. I scrounged a piece of leftover L angle and marked / riveted the angle to the console. Drilled pilot holes for drilling into the cabin frame.

Checked placement.

"Finessed" the outer sections of upper panel stiffeners as they overlaid some flutes in the firewall and panel. Good fit now.
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