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Zenith CruZer & Sonex Logs
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Date:  9-4-2020
Number of Hours:  1.70
Manual Reference:  n/a
Brief Description:  Redesigned Xpndr Wiring / Flap wiring / misc

I have been mentally struggling for some time about my transponder wiring. The instructions were just, to me, muddy. There are two power leads, but I could not figure out how to wire with my one toggle-switch-type circuit breaker. Main issue is that there is a standalone power lead, not the main lead, that turns on the system when the master switch is turned on. Since my power would not be turned on until the transponder breaker is activated, I could not see how this would function.

Finally tonight the light came on. I will wire the transponder exactly as the Garmin info says to do it, which means the main power feed to the transponder is always on, even with the master off. I will replace the 5A toggled breaker with a simple SPST switch. I will have to purchase a push-reset breaker, but that's cheap. Unfortunately, I thought I was done drilling my panel, so I painted it. I really didn't want to mess up my paint, so I removed the existing breakers and measured-out centerlines and spacing to add a new breaker. I moved the main breaker up into the top hole, and the transponder will go in the empty hole as shown below.

I then cleaned-up some of the DB25 harness connections.

Next, I wired the backside of the flaps control switch; this is basically a standard polarity reversak circuit.
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