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Zenith CruZer & Sonex Logs
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Date:  10-21-2019
Number of Hours:  2.60
Manual Reference:  C75-CA-1
Brief Description:  Nose fork / steering rods / lower bearing bracket

Bolted the nose strut lower bearing bracket to the bottom of the fwd fuselage. Had to have a helper to hold the wrench in the cockpit. Torqued to 20 in lbs.

Mounted steering rods. Had to notch the slider panels that slide up and down in the firewall brackets as most builders do; there is a rivet that sticks out just a bit under the slide channel; the notch takes care of the clearance.

Connected the steering rods to the nose strut with rod end bearings. Looked inside the cockpit and the pedals were quite askew. Duh - I *knew* the rods were different lengths but put them on the wrong sides. Had to remove all HW and reposition. Installed castle nuts and cotter pins where the rods attach to rudder pedals.

Mounted nosewheel fork to the nose strut. Packed the front wheell bearings. Installed wheel and spacers into the nose fork. Tightened the axle nuts. Cotter pins appear just a bit short; will have to call Zenith for clarification. Noticed that the valve stem hits the nuts where the fork doubler bolts to the fork. Will have to reverse the position of the HW to avoid interference. Ready to stand on its own legs!
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