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Zenith CruZer & Sonex Logs
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Date:  8-11-2019
Number of Hours:  1.40
Manual Reference:  C75-F-5
Brief Description:  Prep / Prime Motor Mount & Aliodine Upper Panel

Did some checking of bolt lengths for future attachments.

Removed plywood panel that maintains the correct spacing for each of the "legs" of the motor mount. Sanded surface rust from the mount. Used brake cleaner to remove any last traces of cosmoline corrosion preventative. Primed for painting.

Deburred the upper instrument panel skin. Used a scotchbrite pad and Dawn dish detertent to thoroughly wash the surface, the applied diluted Alumiprep 33 acid etch to the skin.

After the specified wait period, I rinsed off the prep, and, while the skin was still wet, applied full strength Alodine to create a chemical chrome conversion in preparation for painting.
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