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Zenith CruZer & Sonex Logs
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Date:  12-29-2018
Number of Hours:  1.80
Manual Reference:  C75-SS01-1
Brief Description:  More Fwd Fuse initial install

Well, the holidays are, for the most part, about wrapped-up. Amazing how many times in the past week my airplane work plans were derailed because an opporotunity came up to do something else. Not that I *wanted* to do something else...

A lot of time today was spent reconciling plans information with newer-release parts, deburring parts, and delabelling parts.

Only really installed two parts per side. Both are related to the optional sliding seats. I had some questions last week about SS01-1, the front seat support, and where it should go, since these holes must be custom-drilled as opposed to the huge number of pre-drilled holes for other parts. I also installed the rear seat support; a lot of deburring, though.

Dug out several pats to check the fit, especially since even the latest plans sheets I have do not reflect the actual parts I have....(!). I'm confident I now have a plan forward.
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