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Zenith CruZer & Sonex Logs
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Date:  3-12-2018
Number of Hours:  3.00
Manual Reference:  C75-AA-1
Brief Description:  Finish Left Inner Flaperon

A lot of time due to frustration, level issues, and rework.

Deburred the flaperon skin. Positioned the skeleton in the skin and cleco'd the underside skin; flipped over to cleco and rivet the top side. Used steel beams to keep cledo's off the table.

Spent a lot of time trying to get the flaperon to lay flat on the table after folding the leading edge skin over and cleco'ing to the underside. Used lead shot bags, but still had some issues; removed and replaced and re-spaced cleco's along the spar seam until I finally got it to lay flat. *That* took a lot of time. Riveted the remaining skin positions to the skeleton.

When I went to assemble and trial-fit the flaperon attach bracket (pic 1 below) I discovered that I had riveted the end-rib-to-spar bracket holes, so I had to drill them out. Because this end of the flaperon is angled, the bracket was under some spring tension, so I could not remove the rivet bodies. As a result, had to drill-out all of the end rib rivets, finish removing the offending rivets, and resume the fitting of the bracket. This included fabricating an L-angle from raw stock to provide reinforcement.

Lastly, when I was re-riveting the skin-to-end rib holes, the last hole at the trailing edge didn't sit tight and was higher than the skin. Had to drill that out, as well as the rivet on the other side due to clearance issues. The first hole got messed up because of the close proximity on the other side, so I up-drilled it to #20 and put in the bigger rivet. This finishes the 4 flaperons. Next up: WINGS!
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Flaperon actuator bracket fitment

Flaperon actuator bracket fitment

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