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Zenith CruZer & Sonex Logs
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Date:  1-11-2018
Number of Hours:  2.30
Manual Reference:  C75-TA-1
Brief Description:  Finish right tip; disassemble & debur

Nothing much as far as accomplishment; just the tedious stuff.

Finished installing the bottom side of the right horizontal stab tip; ensured it was square to the stab so that no weird gaps would show up with the elevator mounted.

Re-positioned stab on workbench; removed all upper surface cleco's (lower side already riveted). Removed support plates, doublers, caps, etc., from the aft portion of the aft spar.

Deburred stabilizer skin and all spar components, including the elevator hinge.

Still have to debur the end ribs, then will start to rivet things for final steps of the stab.
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