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Bob Leffler's RV-10
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Date:  1-30-2009
Number of Hours:  0.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Clean the shop/garage

NNo airplane construction today. Spent the day disassembling the paint booth and cleaning up all the overspray. I also took down the 1x2s that I attached to the shelving for expanded drying racks for the skins.

I also made room for the 4x8x4 crate for the fuselage kit in the garage. It will be tight until I get everything inventoried, put away, and get the crate cut up.

I finally heard from Partain today. Tony gave out an incorrect number for the driver. The driver called and is currently in Wyoming. He stated that he had to go down to Route 40 to get around the weather. He thinks he'll be in the area on Wednesday or Thursday.

No pics today.
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