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Bob Leffler's RV-10
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Date:  2-12-2015
Number of Hours:  0.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Blast Tube Flanges

During this years annual condition inspeaction. I'm taking advantage of the down time to finish my original punch list. None of these are airworthiness issues. Most are cosmetic.

The first update is to refabricate my engine baffling.

I looked for a 5/8" aluminum flange. I couldn't find a source, so I posted a question on Van's Air Force to look for a vendor source. There wasn't any.

Then I received a response from a gentleman named Larry DeCamp. He mentioned that he had a lathe and volunteered to make them for me. I sent him the dimensions on Monday. On Tuesday, they were fabricated and in the mail. Larry would take no payment and asked me to pay it forward to another RV'er.

I'm an EAA Technical Counselor, so I'm already helping local builders. I will make a donation to VAF in appreciation since that is where I made the connection with Larry.

The flanges that Larry fabricated look fantastic and are perfect!
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