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Bob Leffler's RV-10
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Date:  2-16-2014
Number of Hours:  0.00
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Brief Description:  Panel & Electrical

The VLOC and Glideslope receivers in the GTN650 died, so the GTN650 will need to be sent into Garmin for repair. No flying until it returns. It probably doesn't make much difference with all the crappy weather we've been having recently.

I'm starting to work on other projects that didn't make the priority list.

The annuciator panel is about half tested. I want to test all the circuits before installing the panel back in the plane.

I moved the serial db9 connector from behind the baggage bulkhead to on the baggage bulkhead. I was tired of having to remove the bulkhead panels just to program the Navworx ADSB.
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