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Building Integrity
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Date:  5-27-2014
Number of Hours:  2.00
Manual Reference:  ch 13
Brief Description:  Harness is alive and bearings are packed

Jack's Harness is back in and working great. I also removed the nose wheel, cleaned it up and packed the bearings with grease again even though they didn't really need it. I am noticing a very small amount of side to side play in the wheel bearings themselves and I'm not sure if this play is normal or if things should be tighter but since all the parts are new I'm going to taxi test it first. A constant change in left/right steering should tell me a lot if it happens. Time will tell.
Now that it's back in business, I can fabricate the nose gear cover which should be a pretty easy job. Now if I start designing a hinged cover and such than it will take more time, but right now that's not on the books.
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