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Date:  4-10-2012
Number of Hours:  2.00
Manual Reference:  SNX-C01
Brief Description:  Rudder Pedal Control Bushings

The Rudder pedals have bushings welded to them at the factory. The outer bushings are AN4 size, for the rudder cable attach points, and the inner ones are AN3 size for the nosewheel steering control rod to attach to (one one of the four inner bushings is used for this purpose).

I'm not sure what diameter the bushing holes are at the factory, but they are NOT correctly sized for the bolts and need to be drilled out. I drilled them out progressively to size using a hand drill with the pedals clamped to the table. Perhaps not the most precise method, but the only one I had since there was no way these pedals were fitting on the drill press. In the end they came out fine and the bolts fit through well.
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