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RV-7 Construction Log
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Date:  3-11-2013
Number of Hours:  1.30
Manual Reference:  p 7-11
Brief Description:  Right Flap

Tonight I started by riveting the FL-706A reinforcement angle to the main spar. On the left flap I had to ream a few of the rivet holes to the FL-706B plate in order to insert the long rivets. I tried to ensure proper alignment on this flap by putting the spar in place and inserting 5 #4 rivets through the706B plate and 4 rivets through the spar before clecoing the rest of the holes through the spar. Time will tell...

I then riveted the top flanges of all execpt the most outboard rib to the top skin. As with the left flap I duct taped a piece of paint stirring stick (~1/8" thick) to the end of the bucking bar to center the narrow bucking surface in position over the rivets. This worked for all but the rivet just forward of the "false" spar on the inboard rib. On that one, I was able to get my tungsten bar in place on edge.

The right flap is now ready for installing the main spar.

Rivets Today: 35
Rivets Total: 7136
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Top side of skin riveted to rib flanges.

Top side of skin riveted to rib flanges.

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