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Eddie's Zodiac XL Project
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Date:  6-30-2012
Number of Hours:  3.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Trim over ride switch and other stuff

This morning I spent 4 hours with Bob Redman going over how he pre-flights his RV-7 before we jumped in and spent an hours doing some airwork, Stalls, pretend circuits, general handling etc. before heading back to the airport to shoot some landings.

Thansk Bob, fabulous morning.

I then drove across to Cessnock to install my trim override switch, just incase I have a run away trim in either pitch or roll.

WIth this done I then set about completing the install of the last of the rubber intake fairings on the lip of the lower cowl, got one side done before Keith my test pilot dropped in to go over the aircraft.

I still have the other side to do as well as painting the wing root fairings which I might try to get done tomorrow (Sunday)
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