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Date:  9-12-2010
Number of Hours:  4.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  VS Updrilling & Deburring

Took apart the vertical stabilizer assembly and deburred all holes for updrilling. Then clamped down the vertical stabilizer assembly again, made sure it was square, then updrilled to 1/8" for riveting. Pretty easy, but needed the 12" 1/8 bit quite frequently for clearance.

After updrilling and clecoing, I disassembled again and deburred everything. Over the days of working on this many of the parts ended up with scratches and nicks, so I spent a long time sanding those out. I also hit everything with "Goof-Off" to get rid of labels and accumulated sharpie marks and skin oils. As I always to I'll wifew everything down with denatured alcohol before final assembly.

I also test fit the VS skin; it looks like it will take some moving around to get just right, but I managed to get an alignment I'd be very happy with, so I think it will work out fine if I just take my time about it.
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A problem location.  Luckily the Bracket Below is Removable

A problem location. Luckily the Bracket Below is Removable

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