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Date:  7-22-2010
Number of Hours:  2.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Elevator horn & root ribs alignment and pilot hole

I aligned the elevator horn and elevator root ribs per the plans (aligned along front & top sides), and pilot drilled all 17 holes per side at 3/32" using a #40 drill bit. Because of the angles of the pieces interfering with the drill, I had to mark and drill some of the holes with the rib separate from the horn.

This led to a slight misalignment and some out or round pilot holes, which I'm hoping will resolve when updrilling to 1/8". If they don't look okay I'll have to re-make the root ribs.

UPDATE: On updrilling the holes on 07/23/2010 the out-of-round pilot holes resolved as expected, and look goot for riveting with 1/8" rivets.
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