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Date:  7-16-2010
Number of Hours:  4.50
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  VS spar assemblies

I continued assembly on my rear VS spar today. Unfortunately, I tried to way overcomplicate the process, and ended up wrecking one of the spar attach parts (T12-05) trying to get everything alined and drilled. The part has to come from Sonex, so I ordered that this evening. If nothing else, I'm getting good at ordering replacement parts!

I also started on the front spar, and that went much more easily, being somewhat simpler. I've got the spar fitting pilot drilled and it looks to be well-aligned. I messed up a small clip, T12-09 I think, in the process, but I was able to re-make it in about 30 minutes, so no big deal.

I'm going to finish lining up what I can and drilling out the rear spar, and getting the front spar finished up. Once I get the part from Sonex the rear spar should go together pretty quickly.
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