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RV-7 Construction Log
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Date:  3-29-2018
Number of Hours:  1.70
Manual Reference:  p8-15
Brief Description:  Fuel Tank Attach Angle Nutplates

Karen helped me shuffle the wings between the cradle and sawhorses to get access to the forward side of the fuel tank attach angles. Drilled and countersunk fuel tank attach angles for their nutplates. After countersinking, I scuffed, cleaned, and primed the angles. After that was complete I was careful this time to make sure both wings went back in the cradle with the bottom side out so I could access them in the near future for some bellcrank work.

Thinking that I had several nutplates, I used channel lock pliers to hold a nutplate while snugging the bolt to hold it in place to drill it to the angle. As it turns out there's only two of the correct type in the kit. They are MK-1000-4s, the M standing for miniature, meaning closer than standard rivet hole spacing. I used the same nutplate to locate and drill the angles on both tanks, but only installed the one undamaged one. More on order.

Rivets Today: 2
Rivets Total: 12096
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