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RV-7 Construction Log
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Date:  2-2-2018
Number of Hours:  4.50
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Aileron Rigging

Replaced left aileron pushrod bolt due to previous over torquing.

Set right W-818 pushrod to plans length. After two iterations of length adjustment I had the aileron within about 1/16 inch. It may take another 1/2 turn on the length, but I think I’ll wait and see how the W-716 pushrods fit before I make more adjustments. Getting the bolt through the bellcrank jig AND the bellcrkank AND the pushrod is a real pain while laying under the wing working overhead. For fit up purposes I found it much easier to insert the bolt from the bottom and and add the jig after the pushrod is captured. I’ll do the final install in the correct orientation after the wings are back vertical in their cradle.

I set the right W-716 pushrod to the plans length and installed it. With both W-716s installed, and the error on both sides relative to the flaps full up equalized, both ailerons are drooped about 5/16 inch at the trailing edges. If my calculations are correct, both pushrods need to be shortened about 0.148, or about 4 total thread pitches (2 turns on each end of each pushrod).

In this configuration the right stick looks vertical and is about 11-3/4 inches from the fuselage side skin. The left stick has a little inboard lean and measures 13 inches from the fuselage skin. Hmmm... I need to give this some more thought... (Did I adjust the left W-716 to the plans length?)
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Pilot stick leans inboard a bit.

Pilot stick leans inboard a bit.

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