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RV-7 Construction Log
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Date:  8-28-2013
Number of Hours:  1.25
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Left Wing

Today I riveted the left inboard bottom skin to the inboard rib, including all the nutplates for attaching the wing to the bottom skin. For the aft most nutplate located between the rear spar and the flap hinge, I had to drill the hole out to #19 for a #8 screw, dimple it, and locate the nutplate attach holes. Too late for this airplane, but for anyone reading this in the future, this operation should be done BEFORE riveting the inboard skin to the wing due to the poor access for locating the platenut afterwards. This one nutplate took about 45 minutes and two tries to get installed semi-properly.

Rivets Today: 33
Rivets Total: 8694
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