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RV-7 Construction Log
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Date:  3-1-2013
Number of Hours:  4.70
Manual Reference:  p 7-11
Brief Description:  Left Flap

The weather was in the mid-60's today, perfect weather for scuffing, cleaning, and priming the right flap parts, but I was in a riveting mood, so I finished the left flap.

I started by riveting the top flanges of the interior and end ribs, except for the aftmost rivet on the outboard end. I then blind riveted the spar to the ribs, then clecoed the top skin to the spar flange and laid the flap on my very flat desk to cleco the bottom skin to the spar. This firmly set the flatness of the flap.

The next step was to rivet the top skin to the spar (photo 1). Before riveting the bottom of the spar, I found the center of the hinge and removed two barrels on one hinge half, and one on the other. I moved one barrel inboard from the center so I could more or less center a clip for the hinge pin ends between lightening holes in the spar (photo 2). To get the flap side of the hinge in place without totally unclecoing the bottom skin, I removed every other cleco, leaving one in every fourth hole. The hinge half is flexible enough that I could start in the center and extend one cleco at a time through the hinge. I then went back and added clecoes so every other hole was filled. I actually had to go through this process twice, as the hinge was out of place spanwise a few thousandths, and the rivets wouldn't go in the holes. I removed the hinge, then placed a few locator rivets before reclecoing it back in place. The second time was a charm. Riveting was fairly straightforward.

I finished up by riveting the aftmost rivets in the top and bottom of outboard end rib. I used the indirect method as shown in a December 19, 2008 EAA Hints for Homebuilders video ( ). It worked fairly well, though I did have to turn up the pressure on the gun to about 60 psi. The results were fairly decent (photo 3). The top rivet head did come out slightly proud, though not bad enough in my estimation to risk drilling it out.

Rivets Today: 174
Rivets Total: 7006
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