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RV-7 Construction Log
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Date:  1-21-2013
Number of Hours:  4.10
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Right Aileron, Right Wing, Flaps

Today I scuffed, cleaned and primed the right aileron spar, main ribs, and leading edge skin. I also cleaned and primed the counterweight pipe for the right aileron, including squirting primer in each end. (Primer inside the pipe is probably superfluous, as it seems to be well galvanized, and there will be no contact with dissimilar metals, except for the blind rivets attaching the skin and ribs, which I plan to install wet with primer.)

I would have done the left aileron parts also, but I want to let the primer on the main skin and stiffeners to cure a bit longer before dimpling and riveting, which are prerequisites to making the final bend in the skin, which in turn is a prerequisite to fitting and final drilling of the spar and ribs.

On the right wing, I dimpled the holes in the top skin for the aileron gap fairing (I'd primed these when I primed all the rest of the interior rivet lines on the outboard skin), then scuffed, cleaned and primed the aft face of the rear spar in preparation for riveting the aileron gap fairing and flap brace.

For a bit of a change of pace, I got started on the flaps, deburring the edges and lightening holes in the spars, then drilling the ribs to the spars. A couple of unusal things about the flaps, as opposed to the other control surfaces, is that the end ribs both face outboard, and there are actual ribs in the structure, as opposed to stiffeners. At first I thought I had a problem with the interior ribs, as all 8 (4 in each flap) are identical, then I noticed a note on the plans indicating that all interior ribs in both flaps face left (outboard in the left flap; inboard in the right flap. Interesting....
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Flap skeletons clecoed and drilled.

Flap skeletons clecoed and drilled.

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