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RV-7 Construction Log
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Date:  9-26-2012
Number of Hours:  1.90
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Right Wing Skeleton

Tonight I got started on the right wing. I had prepared the spar, and drilled, deburred, prepped, and primed the forward and rear rib flanges along with the left wing parts, so all I had to do to get ready to rivet was to prime the rivet holes in the spar (Duplicolor self-etching, applied with a cotton swab). Riveting was fairly straighforward, except for the very first one, where I didnt't have the spar secured and the factory head came out proud of the rib flange. I wasn't in the mood for drilling, especially the very first one, so I left it for tomorrow.

I only riveted ten of the fourteen ribs to the spar. Looking at the left wing, riveting access for the bottom skin at the second and third ribs from inboard is going to be a real pain. I'm just clecoing the three inboard ribs on the right wing until both top and bottom skins are riveted to the rest of the ribs. I'll then install the inboard three one at a time in an effort to ease skin riveting. I got the idea from John Harmon when I was working on the Rocket, but didn't get far enough along to try it out. The outboard rib will get riveted later, in assembly with the leading edge.

Rivets Today: 50
Rivets Total: 4461
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Ten of fourteen ribs riveted to right spar.

Ten of fourteen ribs riveted to right spar.

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