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RV-7 Construction Log
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Date:  9-8-2012
Number of Hours:  10.70
Manual Reference:  pp 7-8, 7-9
Brief Description:  Left Wing Skeleton and Skins

Made a lot of progress toward being able to skin the wing today.

I started by scarfing the foward corners where the top skins overlap. I'm not as pleased as I was for the bottom skin, but it's still acceptable. I then devinyled and deburred the exterior of both top skins, then scuffed, cleaned, and primed the overlap area and the scarfed corners. Then I deburred and "broke" the edges of both skins so they'll hopefully lay down without pillowing. I also scuffed, cleaned, and primed the exterior side of the wing walk doubler.

I then made a couple of dimple coupons, one 0.032, and the other 0.025, both dimpled with the standard dies I plan to use on the skins, then used them to set up my countersink cage. It turned out that countersinks for 0.025 dimples are about 12 clicks deeper than for a rivet, and a countersink for 0.032 is about 4 clicks deeper than for 0.025. I then countersunk all skin holes in both sides of the main spar, including the very top rivet hole for the inboard eight ribs that don't go through a skin.

I then dimpled the flanges of the rear spar. The instructions say to deepen the dimples with a deburring tool or countersink, but I used the tank dies, and the dimple coupons fit just fine without any touch up. I was even able to dimple the bottom flange where it bends forward and intersects the aft-most hole in each rib. I then scuffed and cleaned the exterior of the flanges. I also cleaned the main spar and ribs and began to prime, but ran my last can dry before finishing.

After dinner, Karen helped me dimple all four main skins, and the leading edge skin. I used standard dies on all holes except for the overlap section on the inboard main skin, where I used tank dies so the outboard skin dimples will nest better. I'll use the substructure dies on the rib where the skins overlap so the tank die dimples will nest better. I forgot to dimple the wing walk doubler. No big deal, as I can easily do that solo.
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Left main spar countersinks before priming.

Left main spar countersinks before priming.

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