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RV-7 Construction Log
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Date:  7-1-2012
Number of Hours:  0.00
Manual Reference:  p 7-6
Brief Description:  Fuel Tanks (continued)

(Continued from previous entry.)

The drawing shows six rivets holding the T-405 angle to the rib. I laid out the 1/4" minimum edge distance on the appropriate leg of the angle, and laid out the holes just inside that line. I laid out the aft row far enough forward to avoid the inside radius of the angle. Using my drill press to ensure holes square to the part, I initially drilled to #40 on one of the angles, then match drilled the other angle to the first, also on the drill press. I then located the angle on the rib far enough aft to (hopefully) allow room for the most forward skin to rib rivet shop heads, and match drilled the rib #40.

Using the same T-405 angle, I match drilled the T-410 stiffener, then clecoed the angle, rib and stiffener to final drill all parts in assembly to #30. Using the first stiffener, I stacked it on the ones for the outboard ribs and match drilled both at once to #30, then drilled those stiffeners to their respective outboard rib.

All edges and holes are deburred. These parts will only need scuffing prior to assembly with sealant.
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Done! T-405 angles and T-410 stiffeners drilled to tank end ribs.

Done! T-405 angles and T-410 stiffeners drilled to tank end ribs.

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