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RV-7 Construction Log
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Date:  4-21-2012
Number of Hours:  3.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  1-Wing Hardware Bag Inventory

We're back from an unexpected week out of town and I finally got back to finishing up the wing kit inventory. Today's job was to do the detailed inventory of all the hardware bags. There was little enough hardware with the empannage that it all fit in one organizer. The wing kit has a LOT more hardware, so I bought three more of the same kind of Home Depot organizer I used for the the empennage. I'm using one organizer just for rivets, another for common hardware like bolts, nuts, and washers, a third for plumbing fittings, and a fourth for small parts like brackets, bearings, etc.

It was a pretty tedious but straightforward exercise... except for one item... The "bag of bags" of hardware has it's own detailed inventory, listing individual parts in each bag. Checking the list after all the parts had been counted and stored, there was one bag left on the list, #498, containing bearings and rivets for assembling the aileron mounting brackets. The bag was checked off of the main inventory list (so I knew it was SOMEWHERE), but wasn't in the "bag of bags". It turns out that it had been included with the Aileron Mount Sub-Kit bag and not in the main hardware bag, the only one to not be included in the main hardware bag. :O( Oh well, it's done...

All wing parts present and accounted for!
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