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RV-7 Construction Log
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Date:  3-23-2018
Number of Hours:  3.75
Manual Reference:  Vans' FAQ
Brief Description:  F-704 Bulkhead Conduit Holes

The last job I wanted to do before removing the wings is to determine a good place to add holes for conduit through the F-704 bulkhead. My main objective is to clear the W-716 stick to aileron push tubes and the control column. The two locations Vans deems “best hole location for straight routing through both FWD and AFT bulkhead” are in the same bay with the fuel valve, and right where the fuel lines pass by, and only allow 5/8 holes. Depending on how much forward stick travel there will be, there may also be interference with the F-665 control column pushrod.

To more easily route wires through both bulkhead webs, and to preclude the necessity of removing the seat pans to route wires, I would like to use 3/4” corrugated conduit, so I’m thinking that a good spot will be in the bays between the inboard end of the wing spar stubs and the control sticks. It looks to me like centering 3/4” holes 2-3/8” below the top of the bulkhead (red crosses in photos) will allow 3/4” holes, will clear the top of the fuel lines, and will come out well above the W-716 push tubes. I will use Adel clamps to secure the conduit just above the large hole in the seat rib on the outboard side of that bay.

It took several hours to resize Vans templates (in Paint…) and print them out and verify the fit on the bulkhead. I think I’ll just leave the templates taped in place and hold off drilling them until I am absolutely positive that is where I want them.
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