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RV-7 Construction Log
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Date:  11-13-2016
Number of Hours:  0.90
Manual Reference:  p. 8-13, DWG 33
Brief Description:  Electric Flaps

Tonight I got started on the electric flap installation. I spent MOST of the session getting the flap weldment out of the airplane (I had installed it for the cross-country move last year). First, the bolts are a tight fit in the end bearing blocks and they had to be threaded out their whole length. Then, the weldment is only about a quarter to half inch narrower than its location in the airplane, and you have to be pretty good at puzzles to figure out how to snake it out. The only actual forward progress I made was opening up the clevis holes in the weldment to 1/4 inch. I did this by drilling to 15/64, then reaming to .2498 (that's the reamer I have...). I checked all three clevises with an AN4 bolt and all had nice free fits with no slop.
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