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RV-7 Construction Log
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Date:  5-7-2016
Number of Hours:  3.50
Manual Reference:  p. 8-12, DWG 30
Brief Description:  Control Rod Tunnel

Today I fabricated the F-741A-L&R tunnel cover supports per DWG 30 (photo 1). Rather than just jump in and drill the mounting holes per plan dimension, I taped these supports in place to see how everything else is going to fit around them. First off, it seems that the designers didn't take into account the 1/16" thickness of the web of the support when specifying the width of the tunnel cover. Built per plan, it would appear that the cover is going to be about 1/8" too narrow. I'm sure this isn't a structural problem, but just doesn't look right. The options are 1) fabricate a new cover from material 1/8" wider than that supplied, or 2), Move the screw holes in the lower mounting flange outboard to 1/4" from the edge rather than the specified 5/16", effectively moving the supports inboard by 1/16. Not sure yet what I'll do.

Also, after clecoing the flap cover in place, it looks like the supports may be just a hair too long yet, as the flap cover tends to lift the cover supports slightly (photo 2). I think I'll finish the flap installation before finalizing the cover.
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