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RV-7 Construction Log
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Date:  5-2-2016
Number of Hours:  3.35
Manual Reference:  p. 8-12, DWG 29
Brief Description:  Baggage Compartment

Today I removed the forward top skin for better access to the aft side of the F-706 bulkhead and finished drilling for and installing the nutplates for the baggage bulkheads, except for the bottom row that are common to the baggage floors (photo 1). I'll do those after I figure out whether/what I'm going to do for conduit under the floors. Not visible in photo 1 are the three nutplates I installed up the length of the F-728A vertical bellcrank channel.

I also cut the clearance slots for the shoulder harness cables (photo 2). I was going to install the UHMW wear blocks, but to precisely locate them, the upper and lower bulkheads need to be attached to each other, and I haven't yet installed the nutplates to the lower bulkhead.

Rivets Today: 34

Rivets Total: 11735
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