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RV-7 Construction Log
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Date:  4-26-2016
Number of Hours:  1.30
Manual Reference:  p. 8-12
Brief Description:  Baggage Compartment

The goal for today was to fit and drill the F-751 lower baggage bulkhead. Only the bottom row of screw holes for that lower bulkhead are prepunched into the F-706 bulkhead, so I reattached the forward top skin to stiffen the F-706 bulkhead to put it in the correct position for match drilling the rest of the screw holes through the baggage bulkhead into the 706 bulkhead and F-728A bellcrank channel.

I had the lower baggage bulkhead clecoed in position when I noticed that I should have used flush rivets to attach the 706 bulkhead to its F-656 gussets. The plans call for all three of those rivets attaching each gusset to be flush on the forward side, but I only drilled out the two inboard ones so the baggage bulkhead can sit flush. I will have to dimple both the 706 bulkhead and the gusset in assembly, but I don't expect it to be much of a problem.

Rivets Today: -4

Rivets Total: 11688
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