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RV-7 Construction Log
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Date:  4-13-2016
Number of Hours:  1.20
Manual Reference:  p. 8-10, 8-11
Brief Description:  Side Rail Gussets and Bulkhead Flanges

Not as much time for the RV-7 today, due to putting the finishing touches on the paint design for my 170B about to go to the paint shop, and helping a friend change the tailwheel tire on his 140.

I started by cleaning up the canopy latch holes in the F-757 gussets (photo 1). They aren't perfect but I guess they'll do.

Since I've gone as far as I can go on the elevator bellcrank until the parts get primed, the next item in the build manual was fitting the top fuselage skins. The first item under that heading was to fit and drill F-656 gusset plates to the F-706 and F-707 bulkheads. However, those bulkheads are still way too floppy to know exactly where the gussets need to be for the skins to fit, so I'm going to wait until the aft skin is fitted to fit the gussets to the F-707, and after the forward skin is fitted to fit the gussets to the F-706.

The next item is to bend the F-706, 707, and 708 bulkhead flanges so they will lie smoothly against the skin. The manual says to use a straightedge or taut thread for reference. Not having a 50+ inch straightedge, I went with the string (photo 2), but it was hard to tell the angles at the ends of the string on the 706 and 708 bulkheads. Then it dawned on me that I had already cut the J-stringers to length and that they are fairly straight. Bingo! (Photo 3), I got the right side flanges on all three bulkheads pretty much in shape before it was time to quit for the day.
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