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RV-7 Construction Log
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Date:  5-16-2015
Number of Hours:  0.90
Manual Reference:  p. 8-10
Brief Description:  Forward Fuselage

Today I finished riveting the forward sections of the left F-770 forward side skin. I had already set all of the #4 rivets, and today I finished all of the #3's except for the firewall itself, which doesn't get riveted until the cowl fasteners are installed later in the build.

Also the #30 hole at the very bottom of the F-404 bulkhead, just forward of the spar hole gets an LP4-3, but the rivet lacks about 1/8 inch or so going all the way in. I don't know whether or not I can push in while setting this rivet to get it installed properly. I'll do a little research to see how this is supposed to work.

That "later in the build" for installing cowl fastners will occur in Michigan... Karen and I are now both within weeks of retirement, and we're heading back to her home state to be closer to family. I've already set up Partain Trading Company to move the RV-7 later this month, and I still have to rivet the right forward skin, and maybe drill the aft deck if I have time.

Rivets Today: 39

Rivets Total: 11485
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Forward sections of the left side skin done (mostly).

Forward sections of the left side skin done (mostly).

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