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RV-7 Construction Log
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Date:  5-9-2015
Number of Hours:  2.90
Manual Reference:  p. 8-10
Brief Description:  Forward Fuselage

Local RV-7 builder/flyer Hal Lyons came over today to help me rivet the F-772 forward bottom skin to the fuselage. Hal shot and I bucked, and all went well until we got to the outboard rivet of the aft row of rivets between the bottom skin and the firewall. We drilled this out twice before I remembered that I had inadvertently drilled both outboard holes in the row to #30 instead of #40. The correct size rivet for the hole set with no problems...

This is the last big skin to be added to the fuselage before getting things ready to ship to Michigan.

Rivets Today: 174

Rivets Total: 11393
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Forward bottom skin riveting is complete.

Forward bottom skin riveting is complete.

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