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RV-7 Construction Log
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Date:  6-29-2014
Number of Hours:  2.15
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Forward Fuselage

I've been working late for the last couple of weeks, so not much time on the RV. It's been long enough since I disassembled the forward and center fuselage sections that I felt I needed to refresh myself on how everything fits together. I spent the whole work session today marking skeleton parts with what holes get countersunk and which ones don't (photo 1).

In marking the longerons, I noticed that I missed one of the six "keeper rivet" holes on each of the longerons. Oddly enough it was the same one on both sides???

In checking how the F-704H Center Section Side Plates get attached, I noticed that the instructions have you leave the bottom two rivets closest to the spar cutout unriveted until the side skins are installed. There's no access to the interior of the holes at that point, so drawing 28 calls out LP4-3 pulled rivets (photo 2)???
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