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RV-7 Construction Log
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Date:  5-12-2013
Number of Hours:  2.50
Manual Reference:  p 8-2
Brief Description:  2 - F-704 Center Section Bulkhead

I had some time left in the day after finishing the firewall, so I installed the control column and sticks on the aft center section bulkhead. I started by permanently mounting the F-633 control column mounts on the aft bulkhead, and torqing and torque-sealing the nuts.

I prepared the WD-610 control column by reaming the powder coat out of all the pivot holes. I futzed around with the washers between the column and the mounts for a while, then remembered that this will be removed and stored, so I just did some measurements and determined that one standard washer and one light one on each side of the bearing ball should be about right when the time comes to permanently install the assembly.

I prepared the WD-611 right stick mount and WD-612 left stick by grinding the pivots and bushings to length to fit the control column, deburred the inside of the pivot hole for smooth insertion of the bushings, and installed the bushings with moly grease. I installed the stick and stick mount with the prescribed 1/4" bolts and castellated nuts.

I then installed rod end bearings in the F-665 interconnecting push rod, set the rod to the length specified in the plans and temporarily installed it to the sticks. I then gave Karen the honor of making the first airplane noises while holding "her" stick.

I did notice that the sticks don't seem to be parallel to one another. I measured about 1" less between the tops of the sticks than between the lateral pivot points. I took some further measurements, and if I did the math correctly, the interconnecting push rod bearings will have to be turned in about 3 full turns each to make the sticks parallel. I've posted a question on VAF to determine if this is necessary, or if the sticks should lean inboard a bit.
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First Airplane Noises!

First Airplane Noises!

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