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RV-7 Construction Log
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Date:  5-1-2018
Number of Hours:  1.80
Manual Reference:  p6-2
Brief Description:  Horizontal Stabilizer Repair

The spar doublers came separated (by Vans to fit in the mailing tube), so all I had to do was sand off the nubs. Also, all of the rivet holes inboard of the bend line are pre-punched in the -1 version of the doublers, so drawing the lines called for in the instructions isn’t necessary.

I have no idea why they have you cleco the reinforcement and splice angles to the spar channels before trimming the channels. The angles don’t seem to aid in marking for trimming, and have to be removed for trimming the channels anyway. (Edit 8/7/18: its probably for final drilling the inboard rivet attach holes, though this can be done later, which I did.)

I marked the bend line, trimmed the spar flanges back to the bend line, flattened the bend radii, and made the relief notches as shown on front spar tab detail on DWG 3. (photo 1) I won’t angle the flanges back until the skin holes have been drilled in them (the flanges inboard of the main ribs are not prepunched).

I made the tab bends using a piece of solid hickory radiused to about 1/8”. I measured the tab end height, as well as comparing the bend to that in the doublers. (photo 2)
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