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RV-7 Construction Log
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Date:  4-9-2018
Number of Hours:  0.80
Manual Reference:  SB 14-01-31
Brief Description:  SB 14-01-31

Step 8. When originally building the HS, I put the notches in but only 1/4” deep as opposed to the 5/16” called for in the SB. I used a 1/4” diameter round file and deepened all four notches to 5/16”, then deburred the edges. (Photo 1)

Step 9. New stabilizer; no cracks found.

Step 10. I marked the HS-702 spar trim on the upper flanges, per figure 4. I need some smaller cutoff wheels than I have before I attempt these cuts. After this is done, I’ll flip the stabilizer over and do the lower flanges. (Photo 2)
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