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RV-7 Construction Log
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Date:  4-4-2018
Number of Hours:  4.00
Manual Reference:  SB 14-01-31
Brief Description:  SB 14-01-31

Today, I started partial disassembly of HS to comply with the front spar cracking service bulletin. Since this part has never flown, and has no cracks, I could have flown it as is, and just inspected it every annual condition inspection, but to hopefully avoid having to perform the doubler installation in a flying airplane, I'm going to bite the bullet and get it over with now.

Clamping the HS to the tail stabilized it adequately for the drilling. To start, I (at least partially) drilled out 42 rivets, including all the top skin rivets and most of the front spar rivets inboard of the ribs. Today's work represents partial completion of steps 2, 3, 4, and 6 of the service bulletin (see

Rivets Today: -42
Rivets Total: 12054
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