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RV-7 Construction Log
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Date:  2-26-2012
Number of Hours:  0.00
Manual Reference:  p 6-13
Brief Description:  Right Elevator Work - 2

Next came my least favorite part of the project so far: rolling the leading edges of the elevator. This was even worse than the rudder, I'm assuming because of the elevator's 0.020 skin as opposed to the rudder's 0.016.

The outboard section isn't very bad, due to its being so short. The long middle section is a bear, however. I used a lesson learned last night and taped my broomstick to the leading edge at a constant distance from the spar rather than right at the edge. The distance I used was the distance at which the broomstick met the edge at the very outboard end. This worked reasonably well; even though I wasn't able to roll the edges with the stick far enough get the holes to meet, at least they were off by a constant about down the length of the section. After about an hour of hand work I got the holes to line up reasonably, but the top section needs a slightly tighter radius on about its last half inch or so to prevent pillowing between the rivet holes. I was able to accomplsh some of that by hand, but another pass or two will be required, which I'll do the next work session.

Rivets today: 140
Rivets total: 1938
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The middle section still needs a bit more work to lay down smoothly.

The middle section still needs a bit more work to lay down smoothly.

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