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RV-7 Construction Log
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Date:  1-12-2012
Number of Hours:  5.50
Manual Reference:  Section 6
Brief Description:  Elevator Stiffeners

Trimmed all stiffeners for the right elevator. After experimenting with several methods, what ended up working for me was:

1) Mark the tapers such that the line remains on a properly trimmed part.
2) Trim with the band saw ~1/16 outside the line.
3) Use the belt sander to remove material right up to the line.
4) Use the 6" scotchbrite wheel on the bench grider to remove the sanding marks, and to edge finish the remaining sheared edges.

Karen came out and helped me with drilling the stiffeners to the right elevator, just like she did with the rudder.

While I was on a roll and without looking at the clock, I jumped right in on the left elevator stiffeners. I got them all marked up and trimmed except for the J, K, and L types, which are very slightly shorter that the D, E, and F types from which they are fabricated. The plans give exact dimensions for trimming these, but another builder had problems with them coming out too short, so I just trimmed enough for them to fit on the skin for drilling, including the aftmost hole that gets match drilled.

After drilling the top stiffeners for the left elevator (with Karen's help of course!) I match drilled the aftmost hole in the J, K, and L type, then cut (actually just sanded, as the most I had to remove was 1/8") them to length using the same distance from the aft hole to the end as all the A-G types. Once cut to length, I marked the 6" taper, and trimmed as above. OOPS! it's 1:00 am. Time to go to bed! I'll do the bottom left stiffeners tomorrow.
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Left elevator stiffeners marked for trimming except for the aft end of the  J, K, and L types.

Left elevator stiffeners marked for trimming except for the aft end of the J, K, and L types.

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