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RV-7 Construction Log
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Date:  1-8-2012
Number of Hours:  1.70
Manual Reference:  Section 6
Brief Description:  Fabricated Rudder Bottom Attach Strips

I spend most of the day fu(tz)ing with my garage door to no avail. Long story...

I try to make some progress every day (even if it's only studying plans), so the next step in building the rudder was to fabricate R-918R&L. As with the rudder shim (R-917), I couldn't find appropriate material from which to fabricate these parts. I went on VAF and quickly found a reference to a 1-1/8 wide strip of 0.032. Voilia! I found it hiding under the elevator parts, and whadda ya know... it was 40" long - enough for two attach strips and the shim with a half inch left over. Duh!

I trimmed the angle, and test fit the right strip. I noticed a line in the gelcoat on the fiberglass rudder bottom 5/8" from the top edge. When I fit the attach stip with a 5/8" flange and marked the rivet holes, it left only about 1/8 - 5/32 edge distance to the top edge. I decided to allow about 1/4" for edge distance, leaving a 9/16 flange for attachment of the rudder bottom.

That decided, I fabricated the other strip, marked the rivet hole centerlinse for 1/4" edge distance, and drilled both strips to the rudder. I marked part #'s, deburred holes, and edge finished both parts.
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1/4" edge distance gives 9/16 flange for fiberglass attachment.

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Completed R-918R & L drilled, deburred, and marked.

Completed R-918R & L drilled, deburred, and marked.

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