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Building Integrity
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Date:  4-18-2015
Number of Hours:  0.50
Manual Reference:  ch 13
Brief Description:  Nose wheel grease

NO I didn't grease the wheel bearings, however I've noticed that the nose wheel rarely tracks straight. The required friction causes it to "stick" one way or the other and it's annoying. I had the idea of adding grease to the fork, then reducing the amount of friction. So far it worked fantastic. only about 5 lbs of friction on the fork now and no shimmy issues. Real nice fix. I'll need to try it out at gross. OH BTW, I flew her with James Bailey in the back and almost full tanks and she was off the ground in 1500 feet. The weight was calculated at 1556lbs. 44lbs under gross. Next time we go up I'm gonna have full tanks and see how she does at the 1600lb gross limit. Stall tests as well.
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