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Building Integrity
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Date:  3-5-2013
Number of Hours:  1.00
Manual Reference:  ch 13
Brief Description:  Hatch Door Install

The door was sprayed with 1 coat of Clear last night and was dry "enough" to install and check fit and function. Everything looks good to go however the "spring" system on the hinge is no where strong enough to lift the door let alone keep it open so I will either add a couple more springs or just take it out completely. We'll see...

Next I taped off the outside of the hatch and spread Z-Grip along the nose hatch lip. I then closed the door and will let this cure. After cure it will be popped open and a perfectly flush lip will be underneath. The idea here is to minimize the gap around the door and there are many. After this step is complete, the lip will be ready for primer :)
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