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Building Integrity
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Date:  1-9-2013
Number of Hours:  2.00
Manual Reference:  ch 9
Brief Description:  Tire woes

So I've never installed an aircraft tube and tire assembly before so this was a learning experience. After cutting 2 tubes and exploding a 3rd I decided to start over and be meticulous. According to the advise of others, I took 320 grit to all rough or sharp areas on the wheels and cleaned EVERYTHING inside and out including the tires and tubes. I then coated EVERYTHING with a good layer of talc and installed the tubes into the tires. I then put a small amount of air into the previously inflated tubes in order that they would fill out the tire evenly. I then added a layer of Vaseline to the inside lip of the tubes and tires so that nothing would stick or pinch. Next I assembled the wheel halves just enough to thread the nuts a little. After this I inflated the tubes to about 25psi so that the tires would stretch onto the rims in the right position. Then I deflated the tubes once again to about 5 psi and torqued down all the bolts to the recommended 56 inch lbs. I then re-inflated the tubes to 50 psi on the main wheels and 40 psi on the nose wheel. I will let them sit this way for 3 days so they have ample time to stretch out and will then re-inflate to the recommended psi.
Wow, ok that sounded like a lot and it was. 2 hours worth, but now they are ready to go and I have perfect peace of mind that Everything was done right.
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