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Eddie's Zodiac XL Project
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Date:  4-15-2012
Number of Hours:  6.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Shot the red top coat

I can't seem to capture the colour of the paint in the paint booth, it keeps coming out orange when its a deep red...I was originally going to paint the white undersurface until I realised that I did not have enough white paint, so plan 'B' was put into action, paint red, I hope the white has good coverage when I mask to spary the next colour.

To save weight I am only painting the surfaces that have a particular colour rather then all white and then spary the colours over the top.

Anyhow this morning Dusan and I flattened out the primer with scotch brite pads and then wiped the fuse down with wax and grease remover before shooting two coats of red.

I had water comtamination in the paint from water being ejected from the gun at one point, which stuffed the surface of the left horizontal stab, so I'll have to rub that flat with wet and dry and re-shoot that surface.

Other than that the paint came out very well, a little dust in the paint but what can you do, I will try and buff that out later.
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